Wednesday, April 20, 2016

39) A trip to Australia with good food and fresh milk!--Sept. 20, 1944

APO 920 = Base H, Biak, Dutch New Guinea- Schouten Islands
Mokmer Airstrip

Sept. 20 (1944)
Betty dearest,

Well here is the explanation for my not writing to any of you all back there for the last 10 days.

I have been down in Australia on Temporary Duty. I won’t be able to tell you much except that I flew down and I had a really swell time. The food and fresh milk really helped out after eating what they have here for so long. Darling I hope I didn’t cause you any worry about me. It was almost impossible to write while I was away from the Sqdn.

I had three wonderful letters waiting for me when I got back. They were the kind of letters that really make me realize just what I want to come back to. The days are really much shorter and the whole thing seems to move so fast when I get your letters like that. Honey I don’t want you to worry about me because I am really quite safe and my health is good.

The best thing that has happened to me in ages was receiving that swell picture of the girl I live for and dream of all the time. Gosh! You don’t know how much that picture means to me. I really did think that was an evening dress you had on till I read you letter. You sure look more beautiful every time I get a new picture. Maybe I will be able to see that smile in the flesh some time soon. Things will be so different when I can reach out and touch your cheeks instead of sitting here and staring at the picture and wishing I could speak to you. Well there isn’t any use thinking about coming home for several more months. There are so many fellows over here who have more time overseas than I do.

I got about four of the small papers you sent. I really did enjoy reading all the home town news. Where did you get that crazy stationary?

The party sounds like it must have been fun. Need I say “wish I were there.” I probably wouldn’t know how to act at a civilized party. You will have to teach me when I get back. What a swell way to learn anything. I mean with you as my teacher. Don’t mind me I just love the gal that's all. Isn’t that enough.

Say why don’t you get those same boys to take some more pictures of you so you can send them to me. Tell them they would really be doing something to help a certain soldiers morale.

Darling, the three letters I received were dated Aug. 22, 26 & Sept. 1.

Well that’s about all I can think of tonite except to say that Darling I will write as often as I possibly can and some in between times to.

I love you with all my heart. Goodnite and pleasant dreams.

Yours always,

Perhaps this is the photo Betty sent him.  It was taken around this time.