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11) Deeply in love with Libby- March 1943

Hammer Field, (Fresno, CA)
March 9, 1943 Tue. 9 PM

Dear Betty,

I am just dropping you this short note and I hope you are not mad because I have not written anything to you for some time. Honestly I have been very busy lately but not really too busy to write. I have been neglecting to write because I thought I would ship at any time. But as yet I haven’t been on a shipping list. I hope I get on one tomorrow though.

I have been getting your letters and have so enjoyed them a lot. You have been kept pretty busy yourself lately I understand. How is it you don’t tell me anything about Bobby and Billy anymore?

Last nite 20 of us guarded some “Flying Fortresses: (B-17E) here on the filed. From 12 Midnite till 8 AM

It has been raining here for a week “Sunny California”.

Please excuse the haste and length of this letter. I wish you would write me every thing that happens there so I can keep up on things. Libby and I are sure getting along fine. I really do love her deeply. I know you understand… try to … You are so sweet about every thing.

Please write me soon

My love


  1. Boeing B-17E "Flying Fortress"--During World War II, no aircraft epitomized American air power more than the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. With 10 machine guns for self-defense and capable of carrying a two-ton bomb load for 2,000 miles, the B-17E became the first truly combat-capable model of this type.
  2. "Bobby" & "Billy"-- Bob and Bill Giltner are Betty's 1st cousins and also high school friends of Jack's.

Boeing B-17E

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