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17) Advice For Betty- Be Careful---Summer 1943

Dobodura Airfield. The letter is not dated but the APO address is the same as the previous letter.

Dear Betty,

I received your V-mail yesterday afternoon. It sure did seem good to hear from you again. I hope you will answer this and then start writing regularly like you did last year when I was in Denver.

I’ll bet you and Ann have a terrible time around a school without boys. Don’t you find it dull?

Just where do you live in Cresent Hill? Why did you all move from Westport Road?

Do your cousins still stay with you? How is the family aviator coming along?

I don’t think you need worry about me getting hurt. I have faith in Libby and feel that every thing will as you say turn out for the best.

I’m glad you have met a boy who you really are crazy about. But let me give you a bit of advice. Don’t become too serious before you are absolutely sure of it’s lasting. I have regreted the several times that I have done that, only to have it all shatter and one morning wake up and find it just isn’t. Please for you sake be very careful. I would hate to see you hurt again. I am deeply sorry for anything I ever did to hurt you. I know it probably won’t help you to hear that now but, I am sincere, and that counts some. Anyway I hope so.

We are having it pretty good over here right now. I just hope we get into somthing soon. We can’t win the war if we don’t get to fight. It looks like the war in Europe will be moving pretty fast as soon as we can get a few 100,000 men over there. They will probably just give up in time. They can’t stand that incessant bombardment for very long.

Well I will sign off for now, write soon.

Be sure to give my regards to Ann & to your mother & grandmother.


Supply Department- Jack on the far left in the back row.  From: The Flying Knights-Photo History of the 9th Fighter Squadron (privately published). Posted on the website:

  1. APO 503 = Base B, Oro Bay, New Guinea 
  2. June 1943- A combined British and American offensive ("Pointblank") consisted of a constant onslaught on German industry through British raids at night and American raids during the day. 
  3. In July of 1943 U.S. and British troops landed on Sicily and by September Allied troops had landed on the beaches near Naples.

Again--many thanks to Ken Clark and others for their extensive information on posted on

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