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21) Libby's Not Writing --early Feb. 1944

APO 713 = Base E, Nadzab, New Guinea
Stationed at Gusap Airfield

Feb. 8th, 1944, 10:30 P.M.
New Guinea

Betty Dear,

In the past 2 or 3 days I have gotten 3 letters from you. Sure builds up the old morale 100% or more to get your sweet letters. Don’t hear much from any body around Louisville except you and the family. Libby just don’t write to me. Don’t ask me why but she just don’t. If you see her don’t say anything about me telling you this. Please! Seems like the old feeling could be there but just isn’t. Funny how those things go isn’t it? Then, in a way, it isn’t funny is it? Guess I will be able to start from scratch when I get back. But that is at least a year or so from now so why am I bothering you with my troubles. But you’ve listened to my troubles before.

You sure are having a lot of good times these days according to your letters. You sure did give me a laugh with the story of the boy you didn’t like who escorted you to the Delphi dance. You sure stayed out late with him even if you didn’t like him. After 2:30 it ceases to be just sociable – or did it? Really don’t take that seriously. I know you won’t.

I went to the show last evening and sat in the rain to see “Presenting Lily Mars” with Judy Garland & Van Heflin. Sure was worth all the uncomfort. Tonite they have “The Major & the Minor” with Ginger Rogers & Ray Milland. “Jane Eyre” is coming soon.

There hasn’t been any thing exciting happening around here lately. Sure wish my turn for a furlough would hurry up and roll around. Australia will be a much welcomed change. We have had no improvement in the food. Don’t expect we will get any either.

Well I guess for you it will soon be spring. Every thing will be so beautiful and green. Well believe me if I have ever seen green I have sure seen it over here. There are variations and shades of green over here that you would never imagine existed anywhere. If I could only see some other colors for a change. The country is really beautiful as you can see from the pictures that I will send you as soon as I get the film developed. I had hoped to have them enclosed in this letter. Have patience maybe next time.

I have been reading a swell book, “Riflemand Dodd & The Gun” by C. S. Forester. What new books are out back there now? Don’t hear much about the books they are printing nowadays. Guess you are reading the dull old school stuff for book reports & themes. Bet I could really write some hair raising themes for those old cronies.

We really have a neat sign for our Cabin now. We named it “Sactime Lodge”. I will send you a picture of it too.

Well that is about all I can write for tonight. I will try to write often. Please keep your swell letters coming. Honey I enjoy hearing from you more than I can put into words.

Remember I’ll be thinking you you every day and wishing that I could see you again soon.

Love and more,
Jack “Good nite honey”

Regards to Ann & your mother


  1. 9th FS Unit History- Feb. 1944--- "Tokyo Rose broadcast an ominous threat that 'The boys at Gusap don't know what a real bombing is like - yet!', and the 9th waited. After 3 days of routine patrols the squadron finally got a possible chance to see action, being assigned the job of escorting heavy bombers to Wewak on 4 February. It was disappointing to the boys that the enemy decided to let the bombing go by default, and no enemy planes were seen airborne."   Ken Clark’s Unit History posted on
  2. Tokyo Rose--- During World War II, American soldiers dubbed the female broadcasters on Japanese radio, "Tokyo Rose." It was a name invented by the soldiers -- U.S. government research never found evidence of a person named Tokyo Rose in radio programs anywhere in the Pacific.
  3. Rifleman Dodd and The Gun---These two stories by C.S. Forester were printed in one volume. Rifleman Dodd is about a British infantry rifleman in the Napoleonic Wars. The Gun also takes place during the Napoleonic Wars and is about a guerilla band that acquires an 18 lb. cannon enabling them to break the French in the field.
  4. 9th FS Unit History-Feb. 1944 ---"On the 28th the valley saw a strange sight in this virgin (white) territory when Hollywood star John Wayne and two starlets in his USO troupe arrived on base. The entertainers appeared at our Officers' Club before their show and many of the boys had an opportunity to smirk into the camera with these celebrities. An attempted striptease by the young ladies during the show that night gave our M.P's an opportunity to add to their popularity by stopping the act. Strangely enough, no cheers arose from the audience! "  Ken Clark’s Unit History posted on
  5. USO ---The United Service Organization was founded in 1941, in response to a request from President Franklin D. Roosevelt,  to provide morale and recreation services to uniformed military personnel. From 1941 to 1947, the USO presented more than 400,000

    Again--many thanks to Ken Clark and others for their extensive information on posted on

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