Thursday, April 21, 2016

40) A rainy night at the movies--Sept. 23, 1944

APO 920 = Base H, Biak, Dutch New Guinea- Schouten Islands
Mokmer Airstrip

Sept. 23. 44

Well I sure did make a bad move tonite. I went down the road about 2 1/2 miles to see a movie instead of waiting till it came to our show. Everything was alright until about the middle of the first reel when it started to rain and thunder & lightening. Boy did I get drenched. The movie was “Double Endemnity” with Fred McMurray & Barbara Stanwyck. It was very good even in the rain.

Darling I didn’t get anymore letters from you today but I guess they will get here tomorrow. I got two letters from the folks yesterday and they sure do say nice things about you and Ann. Pop sure likes to kid and make wise cracks with Ann. Are she & your Mom still in Florida?

My morale sure goes up when ever I look at that swell picture you sent. Please send me more. I don’t get to hear many new songs but I heard one today that sure is the best I’ve heard in a long time, “People Will Say We’re in Love” from the show “Oklahoma”. Maybe it isn’t so new but I’ve never heard it before.

Honey did you ever finish reading “Gone With The Wind?” Some times I think I would like to read it again. Guess I wouldn’t have the patience to finish it.

Boy is it raining outside. I have got it fixed so the rain can’t blow in but it sure seems like it will beat a hole in the tent any minute. Guess it will last though. I hope!

Darling what have you been doing with yourself? You tell me about going to Bowman Field or Fort Knox to dances. Don’t you go to other dances or don’t you ever date civilian boys? Wish I could be there to take you out to dinner and a show or dancing. Then sit in front of our own fire place and just be in each others arms and tell each other the 1000 and 1 things we both have to say. Please don’t think I am silly but I worry about the things we will do and how we will act when I get back. Somehow I just know that every thing will be as I have planned and we will be wonderfully happy together.

Guess I will close this before the lights go out, as I have to make my bed.

Please remember that where ever I am and what ever I am doing at anytime, my deepest thoughts and my deepest love are both centered on you.

Goodnite and pleasant dreams (or do you still dream).
Give my best regards to Ann and your Mom.

Yours till we can be one,

  1. Double Indemnity trailer: click here
  2. Biak Rainfall---average is about 8 inches in September, average yearly rainfall is over 100 inches.  Jack is probably hopeful that the rain will last because it likely cooled things off a bit and because fresh water was so scarce, rainwater had to be collected to meet the needs of the soldiers.

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