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90) "Probably the minute I see you I’ll know that it’s you and you alone that I’ll want for the rest of my life. "--- April 27, 1945

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

April 27, 1945
Friday morning

My darling,

I’m in Biology and should be taking notes, I guess, but I’m too sleepy. Anne and I went out to Fort Knox last night and we had a wonderful time. I met more crazy men and I just cut up with them. I always have so much energy that at the end of the dance when people begin to wear down, I’m still going strong. It’s good for a girl’s morale to go to a dance like that. You don’t get to dance but about three steps and then somebody breaks in. What a night!

I have something good to tell you—I got a B on my test on “Anna Karenina.” I’m so encouraged. He doesn’t give A’s or B’s very much. I think I’m going to make my mid-term grades. We still have to make a C average even tho’ we are active now. If you don’t make your grades when you’re an active, you can’t vote or hold office in the sorority. You also have to study 10 hours a week in the library. I hope I make mine.

I got a B on a Biology test I took Tuesday. I haven’t gotten my mid-term exam in that back yet. Here’s hoping!

We’re cleaning house at home and it is a big mess. You can hardly move from one room to another. Also out here at the house, we’re cleaning house today—all day. We only have two pledges (the two girls who didn’t make their grades) so the actives have to clean too. We’re having a Founder’s Day tea tomorrow and the house has to be clean.

I’m in charge of getting the Pi Phi’s down to the Service Club on Saturday afternoons. It’s a job. On Saturday afternoons, the Service Club is open for U of L hostesses only. We dance, play ping pong, cards, etc. It’s fun. I get so mad at the girls ‘cause they won’t go. I’m going to start fining them if they don’t go when they’re supposed to. Those poor kids need somebody to talk to. So many of them are barely 18 and they’re homesick. The girls go down there with the idea that the boys should entertain them. Then they gripe ‘cause they don’t have a good time. I can’t convince them that they’re going to entertain the men. I always have a good time. So much for all this. I always feel like I can write what I think to you. You always understand. I seem to let out all my pent up feelings in a letter to you. That’s why I feel so close to you even though the distance is pretty far. I feel like whatever I feel or think you’ll understand. It’s nice to have someone like that. When you come home we’ll be even closer.

Class is almost over. Will write more soon.
Love ya,

Have you ever run into the 33rd Special Sea Bee”334rd Special Sea Bee Bn. Or the 11th Bn.? The boy who’s sitting next to me told me to ask you that. The 33rd was his old outfit. His name is Joe Goodman.

Jack, honey, I’m awfully sorry I haven’t mailed this before, but it was in the back of my notebook and I forgot I had written it.

Friday night, Anne and I went up to the Crescent to the show. Saturday we had our tea and then 7 of us went down to the Service Club. I just asked if somebody wanted to go and got 7. I’m so pleased with them. There were about 150 people down there all afternoon. I’ve never seen so many men there at once. We had loads of fun.

Four of us girls went to the Vogue last night and then Betty Anne Matthews spent the night with me. I went to church this morning and then this afternoon we had softball practice at 1:30 and song practice at 3:00 out at the house. Anne has been sick in bed all day with a bad cold. She’s going to stay home tomorrow and I think she’ll be O.K.

I think I’m going to be on the first team for softball. Also, they want me to go out for the swimming meet, but I’m afraid to do too much because of my darned old appendix. I’ve played volley ball, basketball, and now softball, so I don’t think I’ll try any more.

I’m finishing this letter on this paper cause I didn’t want to have two different kinds of paper in one letter. Haven’t heard from you for quite awhile. I guess you’ve been pretty busy. I’ll try not to worry about you. It’s hard not to. I’ll be so glad when you come home. I want you to meet all of my friends and I want them to meet you. I’ve talked so much about you out at the house that all of them want to meet you.

I think when you come, I’ll be able to get a lot of things straightened out in my own mind. There’s nothing I’d like better now than to have you send me a ring in exchange for my class ring, but I want to be sure it’s the right thing to do. Probably the minute I see you I’ll know that it’s you and you alone that I’ll want for the rest of my life. I hope you’ll still feel the same way. I’m sure I will. I do love you. Gotta do some Spanish that should have been handed in yesterday. I didn’t have my homework so I cut my Spanish class. Now, I have to do it for Tuesday.

Goodbye again,
Still love ya:

  1. Crescent---This movie theater was located at 2862 Frankfort Avenue in Louisville. Only about a half mile from where Betty lived with her family, she could have easily walked there. Standing Room Only and The Master Race were playing that Friday night.
  2. Vogue---This movie theater was located at 3727 Lexington Road in Louisville. It was about 2 miles from where Betty lived with her family.  Man About Town and The Great Man's Lady were playing that Saturday night.

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