Wednesday, February 24, 2016

7) The Last Hours of 1942

Buckley Field, Colorado
Dec. 31, 1942
New Year’s Eve 7:00

Betty dearest

I received your letter today, the one written on Dec. 28th.

Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that one of my best pals left today to be a Flying Cadet. The good news is that we are changing shifts. We go on “A” shift tomorrow which meant that we will go to school at 6AM and get out at 2 PM and on our day off instead of 24 hours, we will get about 36 hours off. Which really means something we will have Sat. Nite in town.

This week we studied Electrically operated Armament controls. I did real well. Today being the last day of the month I got paid $63.30. Sure wish you were here to help spend it. I think I will buy a new pair of shoes and a good pair of sun glasses. The sun is really strong here, especially when there is snow on the ground.

We have been having the funniest weather, one day you freeze and the next you can go to school with out a coat on at all.

I don’t know just when the course will end here but I think it will be over about Feb. 10th. I should be attached to some squadron (Pursuit).

Honey I have been thinking of being a glider pilot. They will take me in with 20/40 vision. What do you think of it? I haven’t said any thing to the family so please don’t. They first teach you to fly light planes and then gliders and graduate you as a sgt (Staff sergeant). I am going to find out more about it and will let you and the family know before I do any thing.

Till then.

Love & kisses etc.

  1. Jack had wanted to be a pilot but could not pass the vision test. You had to have near perfect vision and he wore glasses. The vision and physical requirements for glider pilots was not as strict, as the Army needed additional volunteers for this less desired  posting.
  2. Nicknamed the "flying coffins," the Waco combat gliders were America's first military stealth aircrafts.
  3. Initially glider pilots were given the rank of staff sergeant upon graduation, not the coveted commissioned officer rank of the power-pilot graduates. Later in the war the glider pilots were given the rank of flight officer at graduation and had some opportunity to become commissioned officers.

Postcard image from the era-- my addition.

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