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23) What does Betty know about Libby?? -- March 26, 1944

APO 713 = Base E, Nadzab, New Guinea
Stationed at Gusup Airfield

March 26th 10:30 P.M. (1944)

Hello Honey,

Well it seems that you have gotten ahead of me on the letter writing again. Sure is swell to hear from you so often. I received you letters of Feb. 19 & 22nd about 3 days ago and I’ve forgotten if I answered them or not. Then I got 2 tonite (March 7-12). I, in any case, will try and answer all four of them tonite.

You are mean not to come clean and tell me all you know about Libby. If you know anything that you think I should know. Please don’t keep it to yourself. We know each other to well to keep those things secret. Maybe you can save me lots of trouble & doubts by simply sending me the information I ask for. Please!!!! After all?

I don’t like the idea of you standing out in the rain for an hour with some stranger. Just to see Bowman Field at that. Whats the matter young lady don’t you want to be there when I get back. Pneumonia isn’t the style these days.

Glad to hear that you are now teaching a class at Sunday School. Good training for any gal. You learn patience which is important any place.

Your graduation really sounds like it will be something to see. Do so wish I could be there to take you to the graduation dance.

How is that wild and pretty little sister? I know she will say “I’m not little either” but you tell her that if she lives to be 100 I will still say Bettys cute little sister. Don’t grow up tooo fast Ann you will miss lots of fun. Wait a minute who am I writing to anyway! Betty you will let Ann read that part and tell her I send my best regards won’t you? Glad you got your dog back but where will you keep him now that you have moved. Or do you have room at the new place.?

You had better send me a picture of yourself. I am going to hire somebody to sneak up on you and take your picture if you don’t. Please!

We saw a swell picture last nite “Government Girl” with Sunny Tufts & Olivia DeHaviland.  
They said it was a real new one. I suppose you all have seen it over there.

Well thats about all I can write about now. Lights out in 5 min. I’ll start earlier next time. Please honey don’t think that I don’t appreciate your writing to me so faithfully all this time. I’ll prove it to you as soon as I see you.

Good nite Honey!
My regards to your mother.
Yours- Jack

  1. Government Girl---1943 American comedy about a secretary working in a factory during WWII who helps her boss navigate the the complexities of the government to build a bomber aircraft for the war effort.
  2. The Ramoovie---At Group Headquarters on the evening of March 3rd, there was formally opened the only covered theater in Gusap (The Ramuvie), which was a step forward in the right direction as the weather had a tendency to wait until show time until the deluge began. Ken Clark’s Unit History posted on

Again--many thanks to Ken Clark and others for their extensive information on posted on

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