Friday, March 25, 2016

24) Growing a Garden--March 27, 1944

APO 713 = Base E, Nadzab, New Guinea
Stationed at Gusap Airfield

New Guinea
March 27th, 44, 10:30 AM

Betty dear,

Just received your letter of Feb 26, first letter I’ve gotten in six days. Sure am glad to have your letters coming. Glad you did so well on your exams. Bet you don’t regret dropping Latin. You mentioned that you were thinking of going to U of L for awhile. Maybe that would be good till you decide just what you want to study.

Next time you see my dad get him to show you some of the pictures I sent them. Yesterday we went up in the mountains and went fishing on a small stream. We took lots of pictures. I’ll send you some if they come out good.

As yet I’ve not been on furlough but I expect to go any time now. Some of the boys just got back. I will try to get a good picture taken down there and send it to you. That is if you ever send me one. Not that I’d ever forget what you looked like. You may not know it but it would be nice to look at your picture when I write to you. Who knows I may be able to think of more to write then. Please! How a-bout it!

We have a swell garden all around the tent now. Squash, watermelons, radishes, onions, lettuce, okra & tomatoes. Also the six little ducks are growing fast. They eat like little pigs. Should see the way they swim. I should have pictures of them soon. They are down south being developed now.

Well I must go to chow now and make a run down to the Quartermaster for some clothes & stuff.

Solong for a while and remember that I’m thinkin of you lots & lots.

Yours till next time,

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