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46) Childish Anchorage boys crash the girl party--Sept. 13, 1944

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

Sept. 13, 1944
Wednesday A.M.


Got your letter of Sept. 1 yesterday. Your letters get over here in pretty good time now. How long does it take mine to go over?

I’m worn out this morning. I told you I was having six girls in for dinner last night. Anne and myself made eight. Well Mother got sick Monday night and was in bed all yesterday and will be today. The doctor gave her something to make her sleep so she slept all yesterday. I was left to do all the cooking, cleaning up, etc. for the party. It was the first time I had ever had to do anything like that. My grandmother came down about five-thirty to help me finish up. Gee I was glad to see her.

The dinner went off swell and everybody had a grand time. I’m really getting experience.

You know I took Home Nursing a couple of years ago and I didn’t learn much that I didn’t already know. Every time anybody in the house gets sick, they spring my Home Nursing on me. I’m glad I took it. It was a good course.

Anne and I have cleaned up the house this morning. It was the biggest mess. It looked like a cyclone had hit it.

Last night after we had finished dinner and were just sitting around talking, who should come but four of the boys up at Anchorage. They had had a stag dinner party and then came down to crash ours. I don’t think those dumb boys will ever grow up. They make me furious. They’re so childish.

Yes, I saw Johnny Mohr’s picture in Life a long time ago. His sister is one of my best friends.

Anne and I are going in town this afternoon to see “Impatient Years”. It should be pretty good. Last Friday night I saw “Christmas Holiday”, but I didn’t like it much. It was so odd.

Your letter yesterday had something cut out of it. You know where you usually write- Somewhere in the Southwest Pacific area? Well, I don’t know what you had written, but it was cut out except for the- Somewhere.

I talked to your mother yesterday. She read me your letter. You should have gone to see Bob Hope. I would love to see him. I think he’s a scream.

Guess I’d better go fix Mother some lunch after she eats she’ll sleep all afternoon and I’ll go in town, then.

Bye now honey. It can’t be much longer before you’ll be home. Miss you.

Always yours,

  1. Betty's grandmother--- the grandmother who came to help was probably Betty's maternal grandmother Nanine Fairleigh Hardin.  When Betty and Jack met, Betty, her sister and mother lived with Nanine-- along with Betty's cousins Bob and Bill Giltner.
  2. Johnny Mohr----he seems to be an Anchorage High sports star who later attended the University of Louisville.
  3. "Impatient Years"---1943 romance staring Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea.  Impatient Years Link

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