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47) I dreamed that I was with you-wherever you are. --Sept. 14, 1944

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

Sept 14, 1944


Got your letter of Aug. 27 yesterday. I got the one you wrote Sept. 1 before this one. The mails are so crazy.

I just got back from a luncheon over at the Country Club. There were seven of us girls and we just had loads of fun.

I talked to your Mother last night. She had gotten a letter from you too. We had a beautiful time talking about some fellow by the name of Jack Riley. Do you know him? He’s really a swell person and I kinda like him. What do I mean kinda? Don’t mind me. I carry on like this all the time. You’ll get used to it after so long a time- I hope!

You wanted to know what Anne did to make your dad think she was so cute. Well, she was just acting crazy and cutting up as usual. She’s awful cute, but I never know what she’s going to say next. Sometimes it’s embarrassing.

I know I’ll love the picture frame. You’re making it and that’s enough to make me love it.

I don’t need a request to sent things after tomorrow. The Christmas mailing starts tomorrow. I’ll keep this request for use after the Christmas mailing stops. I’ll try to send you some nuts.

I think that’s interesting about your all listening to the Tokyo radio. At least they have good music. They couldn’t actually think you all believe that junk about the U.S. losing the war. They’re just crazy, but of course you already know that.

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed that I was with you - wherever you are. It was all so odd. I am with you, honey, if only in thoughts. Some day soon, maybe I’ll be with you – really. I hope so. I’m looking forward to the day you come home. I’ve never seen you with your parents. I think it’ll be fun. Everybody will be so happy.

Bob is already in the Army. He has been inducted and has his serial number, rank, etc. He will be 18 Sunday. I don’t know how soon after that he’ll be called. He’ll be an Air Cadet. Hope he makes it O.K. He just loves flying.

Anne and I saw “Impatient Years” yesterday. It was just adorable. I enjoyed it thoroughly. See it if you have a chance when it comes over there. You all get swell pictures. It’s just amazing. You certainly deserve the best, though.

Mother is up and around today. She’s feeling much better. She has gone up to the doctor now. She’ll be back at work next week.

Anne starts to school Monday. From then on, I’ll be home alone most of the day. Guess I’ll do a lot of reading.

I like keeping house much better than working. I’m really enjoying it. I love to cook, as I believe I’ve said before. When you come home I can experiment on you. You’ll probably wish you hadn’t come home after that. Oh, well, I have to learn someday. I might as well let you suffer with it. Only joking you know.

Last night I went to bed at 8 o’clock. I was worn out. Today I’ve just felt wonderful. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for me.

I think maybe I’ll go in town tomorrow to see “Janie.” Every body says it’s so cute. It all depends on how Mother is.

I’ll probably go to bed early tonight too. Nothing else to do except read or maybe I’ll go up to the Crescent. “Gaslight” is there and I didn’t see it when it was in town. You said you saw it and it was good. I like Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton. He has the cutest wolfish expression. I don’t like wolves, though. They make me furious out at Ft. Knox when they start handing me the G.I. line. I wonder if they think the girls believe it. Some of them are dumb enough.

Excuse the writing. I’m writing on my lap and it doesn’t work any too well. Flushie is lying here snoring away. She leads an easy life. All she does is sleep and eat. Poor thing. She’s getting so old looking. Her face is all grey. You do remember her, don’t you? She’s our red cocker spaniel.

Guess that’s enough nonsense for now. Miss you loads.

Always yours,

  1. "Bob"-- Betty is referring to her 1st cousin Bob Giltner.  Even though she says in this letter that he was inducted, his enlistment record lists his enlistment date as March 6, 1945.  Maybe that was when he was "called up".  He served for about 6 months in 1945, then attended the University of Kentucky majoring in Agriculture and graduating in 1949.  He joined the Air Force in 1950 and became a jet fighter pilot during the Korean War.  In 1952 his aircraft crashed in a non-combat incident in Korea, resulting in his death.  Read more about him in one of my other blogs here:   Robert Hardin Giltner  and here: Update to Robert Hardin Giltner Story
  2. Movies Betty Mentions in this letter (links to more info)---The Impatient Years----Gaslight---Janie
  3. Crescent Theater---This theater was located at 2862 Frankfort Avenue in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville and was only about a half mile from Betty's house.  See more here:1927 photo of interior of Crescent and Crescent Theater exterior 1934
  4. Ft. Knox Dances---The Service Club sponsored the dances at Ft. Knox.  Girls would board buses in Louisville to be taken to the dances.  Ft. Knox was about 45 miles away.  Betty's mother Emma Allen often served as a chaperone.

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