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62) Wearing the Pi Phi pledge pin--Dec. 4th, 1944

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

Dec. 4, 1944

My darling,

Just got home from school. I spend all my time out there now. I just love it and I have more fun. There’s always something going on.

Saturday night we played Georgetown. It was really a close basketball game. We only won 99 – 27. I wish they could have gotten one more point.

I had to sell cokes and candy at the game. It wasn’t so bad. We sold everything we had.

Saturday afternoon I went in town and saw Alan Ladd and Loretta Young in “And Now Tomorrow.” 

 It was really good.

I left home about 8:30 Sat. morning and didn’t get back home ‘til 10:30 that night. Anne went out to school with me cause she wanted to see the house. I only had one class. There were several hockey games and we watched those awhile. We ate lunch and she went in town. I waited ‘til about 1:30 for a friend of mine who was playing hockey. Then we went in to the show. She had to go home, so I went out to the Service Club for awhile. Those boys out there just like to have somebody to talk to. A group from school goes down every Sat. afternoon from 3 to 6. I went from there out to the game.

I’ve got a terrible cold. I think it’s from tearing around from building to building in the rain and snow. It has been awfully cold here lately.

I studied yesterday. Believe it our not! I do study once in a while. Not often, though. I have too much fun. All I care about is to get a C average so I can be initiated next term. Who knows, maybe the next time I see you, I might be wearing a golden arrow with pearls. I hope so. Now, I’m wearing a pledge pin which is the head of an arrow. Pi Phi is the most wonderful sorority in the country. I really love it.

Can’t think of anymore news. You write the sweetest letters honey. Wish I could express in words the way I feel, but I guess you already know. I love you very much.

All my love,


R. I. L. Y.


  1. And Now Tomorrow---1944 film based on a novel by Rachel Field.  Wiki Link to article about the film
  2. Pi Phi Pledge Pin---
  3. "The House"--- When Betty talks of her sister wanting to see "the house" she is referring to the Pi Phi House on the U of L campus.  Betty didn't live there, but it was a great place for her to hang out on campus, since she was a commuter student.
  4. Louisville Service Club/USO--Located in the former Columbia Auditorium at 824 Fourth Street.  The building was purchased by the city of Louisville in 1940 to be used as a soldier's recreation center.  The city leased the auditorium to the recreation committee to operate.  At the time it opened in March 1941 it was the only one of its kind in the country and became a model for other clubs that began to open after the start of WWII.  This was a place for entertainment and provided a place for soldiers to stay on weekend leave.  Young local women volunteered to be hostesses at the regular Friday night dances and the girls were  carefully screened.  Each week 1000 girls would travel by bus to Ft. Knox dances, setting out from the service club and delivered back there in the evening.  The building is now the Spalding University Center. 

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