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72) Betty- playing basketball and studying hard.--Jan. 5 1945

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

Jan. 5, 1945, Friday night
My darling,

I’ve been struggling with Algebra for about an hour and I finally decided to write to you and do Algebra some other time. It isn’t due until Monday.

Yesterday I had a 8:30 and a 9:30 class. After my last one I went in town and had lunch with Mother. Then I met a girl friend of mine and we went to see “Winged Victory.” I thought it was grand. I’ve seen a lot of pictures about the Army, but I think this is the best. It seems to be more typical of the Army than any of the others. It was sad in spots, but some of it was a scream. I laughed ‘til I was weak. There was the cutest comedy with it- Pluto. There was a darling little cat in it. It’s the most adorable comedy I’ve seen in ages.

After the show I came home and studied about an hour and ate dinner. I had to leave at 6:15 to go out to school again. We practiced basketball last night. Our tournament starts in a couple of weeks. Johnny Mohr is coaching us. He’s in V-12 out there. I didn’t get home ‘til about 10:15. I sure hated to get up at 6:30 this morning. I was really tired. I had classes all morning today and then I fooled around out at the house this afternoon and came home.

Anne went to the Military Ball tonight with Bob Hancock from A.H.S. The dance is given by the R.O.T.C. at Male and is at the Crystal Ballroom.

Tomorrow I have one class at 9:30 and that’s all. We’re going to practice basketball from 12:30 to 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. After that I think I’ll come home and study. I have really been studying in college. I certainly didn’t expect to study this harad. I planned to go out there and have a good time and study very little. Boy! Did I get fooled!!!

Guess I’d better take a bath and go to bed. I need some sleep. I’ll write again real soon- Maybe tomorrow. I love you very much but you already know that. At least I hope you do.

Good night, darling. Miss you

All my love always,

Winged Victory-- Released in late December 1944.  The movie was a joint effort of 20th Century Fox and the U.S. Army Air Forces.  About 5 friends who go through the training process to become pilots.  See a clip here: Winged Victory clip
First Aiders---I think this must be the Pluto short that Betty refers to in this letter.  Minnie Mouse is learning First Aid.  Also stars Pluto and Figaro the kitten.  You can see it here: Pluto Short-First Aiders
Crystal Ballroom---The Crystal Ballroom is in the historic Brown Hotel, which opened in 1923 and still operates today.  The hotel is on the National Register.   Here are some photo links:  Crystal Ballroom in 1927 &  Crystal Ballroom today
Johnny Mohr---a fellow student of Betty and Jack's at Anchorage High School, where he was captain of the football team.  At U of L he was on the baseball, basketball and golf teams.

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