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73) Betty struggles with Algebra & declares her love for Jack---Jan. 20, 1945

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

Jan. 20, 1945
Saturday night

My darling,

I feel terribly about not writing any more than I have been, but I have been going all the time and studying might hard. It paid – I got a B on my Spanish test. I don’t think I did so well on my Social Science test. I have a Physical Science test Monday. I don’t know much about it. I’ve just gotta’ make my grades.

I gave blood for the third time last Tuesday. Mother is going to make me wait ten weeks before I give it again. I think it’s silly ‘cause it doesn’t bother me. She thinks I’m going so hard that I should wait ten weeks. As long as I can’t give it without her consent (under 21) I guess I’ll wait.

We had to practice basketball Thursday night. Our first game is Tuesday night. We play the K.D’s We’ve just got to beat them. We should.

Wednesday night I went to see U of L beat Evansville. It was a pretty good game. They play Eastern here next Wed. night.

Last night I went to a party at the Henry Clay. The Psi Omega’s (a dental fraternity) were having a rush party and they asked us Pi Phi’s to be hostesses. We really had a swell time. The boys were so nice to us. They wanted us to dance with everybody and meet all the boys. Every one had a grand time.

This afternoon I was going to study and write letters. I started reading my English and got so sleepy that I went to sleep and slept about four hours, so I’m studying and writing letters tonight. I’ll never catch up on my correspondence. It’s beginning to look hopeless. I’ll never get to the bottom of the pile. I never have time to write to anyone but you. You really rate, old boy, but I guess you realize that.

I talked to your mother tonight. She said that your Aunt Lillian has a feeling that you’re on your way home. I hope she’s right. I want to see you terribly, but I know it’s harder for you. Always remember that I love you. I know you’ll come home to me pretty soon. My heart tells me that.

I’ll have to struggle with Algebra now—aren’t you jealous? It’s really an exciting date. I can’t figure the dumb stuff out.

I’ll write again as soon as possible. When I don’t write it isn’t because I haven’t thought about you. I think about you all the time. That’s right- you’ve guessed it! I LOVE you !!!

All my love always,

  1. K.D.'s---The Kappa Delta sorority
  2. The Henry Clay--- This historic Louisville building in the theater district has been a historic lodge, hotel, women's community center and multi use event space. The building is on the National Register. It was built in 1924 as an Elk's Lodge. Link to website and photos 
  3. Aunt Lillian---This was Jack's mother's younger sister. Jack was very close to his Aunt Lillian, whom he called "Deedee." After the war Jack, his mother Avery and his Aunt Lillian were business partners.

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