Tuesday, August 2, 2016

76) Jack visits some farmers, scores some corn and continues to imagine a future life with Betty---Feb. 11, 1945

APO 321 Mindoro, Philippines

Philippine Islands
10 PM 11th Feb. 45

Well it hasn’t been so many days between letters this time. I hope you will realize how things are at this end. Today was my day off. Yes! We are getting a day off now and then. I went back in the hills with one of the fellows who also had time off. It being Sunday we visited some Filipino farmers we know who live near here. We were treated swell as is the usual custom over here. We ate all kind of fruit & brought back about 40 ears of sweet corn, which we have been stuffing ourselves on all evening. I went to sleep about 7 & just woke up a minute ago.

Darling I just had to write to you today. I got up on the high hill top today over looking the whole country around here. We took about a hours rest and Pete fell asleep by a small tree. I just sat there and day dreamed & hoped & wished that you were with me. If I had had a pen & paper with me I could have written the most wonderful letter. I thought about all the little things I want for us when we can be together for keeps. Just that feeling that I know you are holding on back there & waiting for me, somehow makes it all O.K. I’ll go anyplace & do anything if I can just feel that there is someone who loves & understands me waiting to live together in a swell world. (After we straighten it out a little.)

I do hope you have lots of fun at the parties & teas & dances & games you have been going to. I want you to have lots of fun and don’t worry too much about me. I’ll get my share of the quiet life when I get back. Excitement is getting old about this time. I just want to get back and take things easy & really live in style.

I received you mother’s & Anne’s letters & I sure enjoyed hearing from them both. Your Mom writes a swell letter. An Anne is just as crazy as ever. How does she like being called double-ugly? That’s a special nickname reserved for Pops very special favorites. He sure likes both of you girls. Writes about how sweet you are all the time. As if I really didn’t know. Ha! Ha!

Well that’s about the way things run from this end of that long wire.

Oh! Yes! I received two wonderful letters yesterday. Jan. 20th & 23rd. I hope my letters to you will be coming through better by this time.

Goodnight my darling & sweet dreams always.

I love you more each hour.


Love to your Mom & Anne (double-ugly)

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