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79) Why must we spend some of the best years of our life apart?---Feb. 20th, 1945

APO 321 Mindoro, Philippines

Somewhere in the Philippines
20th Feb. 10:45 PM


I just have time to get off a note before I will have to go to bed because of the lights going out. Nothing much has really happened since I wrote last time. Things are very much the same except that I feel worse every day about being so far from you and the things back there. I really think about you more than I do about any other person. Why must we spend some of the best years of our life apart? Darling I know that you can’t really answer that question! If we only knew just when this would all end we wouldn’t be so bad off. That’s all of that dull and boring stuff for tonite.

I received your letter of Jan 15th today. Darling if what you say about that Social Science course is true you had better not take any more of it. I don’t want people talking that kind of trash to my girl.

About Anne sending me kisses aren’t you a little bit jealous of that “little” sister (Don’t tell her I called her little sister) of yours. All kidding aside tell her I sure appreciate her thinking about me. She is almost as sweet as her lovely sister Betty. I really do hope she don’t kiss all the boys like that. Ha! Ha!

Pleased to hear that you are dancing & going to lots of games and parties. Have a good time darling. I would feel worse honey if I thought you weren’t having a good time.

We will be together sooner than you know if you keep cheerful & happy. Time passes faster when you are busy.

My everlasting love,
Is yours,

Notes from the 9th Fighter Squadron Unit History--

  • Feb. 21st, 1945--The squadron was off for maintenance and training, a most welcome breather for the engineering department that had been working long and well to keep the planes in the air. Local patrols were flown the following two days.
  • Feb. 24th, 1945--The unit was once more off to do the necessary chores preliminary to the forthcoming move to Luzon.
Unit History thanks to: "Ken Clark’s Unit History" posted on

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