Friday, June 17, 2016

57) Fried Chicken Dinner amidst a Red Alert---Nov. 17th, 1944

Tacloban, Cancaboto Bay, Leyte, Philippines
APO 72 Leyte, Philippines

Somewhere in the Philippines
Nov. 17th, 44 4:15 P.M.
Betty darling,

I really don’t know how to take it. Two more swell letters from you. I really was disappointed when I read the first one and then found that you hadn’t enclosed the photos as you promised. Then I opened the second letter and the old morale went up 1000% and fluttered there. Gosh. I really can’t think of anything I like to get better then pictures of you. I have quite a few by this time.

Anne sure looks good. She really can get dressed up in the crazy outfits can’t she? What was she doing the day that shot was taken? Bob & Bill really have grown seems to me.

I really am glad you acted that way with Jimmy. He is a nice boy, I am sure, but ---! So please be careful. If you ever see Jimmy’s father tell him I said hello and that I looked for Vernon in New Guinea but didn’t have any luck.

That boy you are with in the one picture sure looks familiar. Did he ever go to Anchorage? What is his name? Maybe I know him. Tell him to be very careful!!

1 question please. Where did you get the pretty rings, one on the right hand & one on the left hand ??? Just curiosity.

We went out this morning and traded with the natives (we shouldn’t call them that.) Filipinos for 2 more chickens and a bunch of eggs. Also, our duck laid an egg this morning. We had almost given up hope.

Later (about 9:45 P.M.)

Well Ralph & Don & Bill came in from the strip and were hungry and the dinner at the mess hall didn’t look so good. We decided to cook 2 of our chickens. We naturally fried them. Ralph & Lou killed & picked them & Don started the hot water & got the gas for our stove. Dick got the flour & salt and pepper and Bill got the bread & cake from the mess which was about all that was any good. John came in last so we made him clean up the mess. I cut up the chickens & cooked. We really had a swell meal. We made gravy and had bread & gravy. During the dinner we had a Red Alert but no bombers came over. We all had a piece of fried chicken when we went to the slit trench. After a while we would come out, 1 at a time, and dash back to the tent for another piece while the others listened for planes.

It is really like the fourth of July when they open up on a plane at nite. Thousands of red tracer bullets going up from various angles.

We ate most of the chicken while we were in the trench sweating out the raid. Fried chicken comes first with us even over here.

Darling this is getting to be a long drawn out letter that doesn’t make much sense. I really am getting too tired to write anyway.

I still and always will love you with all my heart. I really delight in knowing that I have my love returned. Please have faith in me & I will be home before you know it. Please study hard on that cooking and don’t practice on any body but Anne & your Mom. Anybody else could sue you in case of poisoning! Ha! Ha! Honest, I’m just kidding, I really want you to do lots of cooking for me after this is all over. Steady. Want the job still?????----???????

I love you very very much darling

Yours & Goodnite,

Give my best to Anne & your Mom.

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