Friday, June 17, 2016

58) "Good eats around the tent!"---Nov. 26th, 1944

Tacloban, Cancaboto Bay, Leyte, Philippines
APO 72 Leyte, Philippines

Philippines, Sun. Afternoon, Nov. 26th

I have been waiting for some letters from you for some few days now. I finally received 2 yesterday and then 2 more this morning. The first 2 were written on the 23rd & 25th of Oct. The 2 that I got this morning were mailed on the 6th & 12th of Nov. That’s pretty fast. Especially when you consider that it had to go to the other APO then come up here.

We are still seeing lots of air activity and once in a while we get to see them knock down a Nip plane or two. Just like you see in the news reels back there. Lots of fun if they don’t come too close to camp.

The mud is still pretty bad around where we are but today the sun is out strong so I guess it will start drying up. We put up a new supply tent the other day and now we have a real nice place to work & keep our stuff dry.

We really have been having some good eats around the tent in the last couple of weeks. Fried chicken & eggs & all sorts of things. We had 8 chickens & 5 ducks, then the other nite Ralph Lofton & I decided we would fix the boys some real “Southern Fried” chicken. Ralph is from N. Carolina, (Thomasville). We had a swell dinner & that left 5 chickens & 5 ducks. We were saving the ducks for Thanksgiving but the Government came through with turkey for everybody so we are saving the ducks for some other occasion.

Must go now—will write more tonight.

I got a letter from Mom this afternoon and none from you. Maybe I will get some tomorrow. I hope so anyway. Seems that the more letters I want... I guess you will really be busy from now on. I hope you got in the sorority that you wanted. Let me know which one you are pledged to. Guess that will take up more of your time. Honestly I am jealous of anything that may keep you from writing as often as you have been. Your wonderful letters make the time seem to pass, not quicker, but more smoothly. I really can hardly wait to get back. I want to see you more than I ever wanted anything in all my life.

Your courses sound like they wouldn’t be too hard. Nice selection.

If you started in Nov. when will the semester end? In March I gather from what you said. Sure hope you like it as well all the way through as you do now.

We are beginning to get our Xmas packages now. I’ve received 2 from the folks so far.

Darling keep on writing those wonderful letters. I will try to answer as often as I can. Sometimes it is hard to get a chance to sit down & write.

Remember that I love you with all my heart and always.


My best to your Mom & Anne. Tell Anne that one of these days I will answer her letter.

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