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87) Betty excitedly awaits her Pi Phi initiation---April 4, 1945

From Betty (Louisville, KY)

April 4, 1945, Wednesday morning

I’m in Biology class and I have no pen, so you’ll have to excuse the pencil.

I’m so excited about our initiation that I’m just no good for anything. It’s so wonderful. I guess you’re getting sick and tired of hearing about Pi Phi all the time, but it means so very much to me. It makes me so happy because when you come home, I’ll have my pin. Please understand that it isn’t taking all my time from you, but it takes a lot of time plus the time for my studying. Lately I’ve been finding quite a bit of time to write to you. I’m so glad because I felt terrible about not writing very much for the past couple of months. I know you’ll understand.

Last night I went to see the play at the Little Theater. It was “Ghosts”, and I didn’t like it at all. We had to see it for our Humanities class. Now, I have to write a paper on it. I don’t’ know when I’ll get it done. This afternoon I’ll have to read all afternoon because I have a test on “Anna Karenina” tomorrow. I haven’t read but about two-thirds of what I’m supposed to have read. I’ll be up all night reading.

We’re having dinner at the house tonight as usual and then we have a meeting with the actives. It will be the first time we’ve ever had a meeting with them. After the meeting we’re supposed to go to a Woman’s Athletic Association party, but I’m going home and study.

I’m supposed to have all my notes for my term paper in Friday and I have six. The paper has to be about 5,000 words. I know what you’re thinking—“What have you been doing?” Well, it’s evident that I haven’t been studying. I just can’t seem to settle down. I guess after initiation I’ll do better. Here’s hoping!

This class is almost over, so I guess I’ll wind this letter up.

I miss you an awful lot and I’m waiting. It’ll be so much fun doing things together. We’ll have to be introduced to each other, it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. I seem to know you pretty well through letters, though.

Bye for now, All my love,

  1. It is somewhat significant that both Jack and Betty wrote letters to each other on April 4th, 1945.  It was on this date the following year (April 4, 1946) that they were married.
  2. This is the pin that Betty was so anxious to receive at her Ph Phi initiation 

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